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Welcome to Ossie

To boutique owners, Meredith Borchers and Dawn Schiff, life peaks when you have the freedom to be who you are without question, and when you can design your own sense of style-- when you feel beautiful.  This begins with one's wardrobe.

Ossie offers a meticulously curated collection of garments, shoes, and accessories that will make a woman feel alluring and free. Timeless, elegant style that is able to trascend fleeting trends and fluctuating markets is the mission upon which Ossie is founded.  


Meredith and Dawn have sought out some of the most elusive and interesting designers, both established and emerging, from around the world.  As a result, Ossie is the destination for a woman who seeks effortless sophistication, impeccable quality, and a modern yet inherently feminine aesthetic.  It is where she can find a piece that no one else will have, but everyone will covet.


Hyde Park Square, 3433 Edwards Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208, (P)513.832.1341

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